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S21 Ep8
The Reptiles: Alligators and Crocodiles
Some amuse us, others terrify us. They slither, swim, walk and crawl, leap and lunge, and some spend their entire lives contained within a shell. Their ranks include some of the most skillful predators on Earth. And their long-departed dinosaur ancestors are an unending source of fascination to humanity, both in fiction and scientific endeavor. They are "The Reptiles."
Premiered: 2/2/2003
S21 Ep7
Under Antarctic Ice
Under Antarctic Ice
Antarctica. On the surface, it's the bleakest of lands, with ferocious winds, flightless birds, and enough ice to flood half the planet's population if it were to melt. But below that frozen mass, a fantastic environment of indescribable beauty teems with life. NATURE takes viewers into the world that is Under Antarctic Ice.
Premiered: 1/12/2003


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