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Favorites for 2007

FRONTLINE/World logo

Thanks to all for participating!

And the official winners of our "unofficial" poll are:

1.Best FRONTLINE/World on TV in 2007: "Hero Rats" and "Extraordinary Rendition"

Runners-up: "Afghanistan: The Other War" and "News War: War of Ideas"

2. Best FRONTLINE/World online in 2007: "Nepal: A Girl's Life" and "Ghana: Baseball Dreams"

Runner-up: "Dubai: Night Secrets"

3. FRONTLINE/World all-time favorite: "Uganda: A Little Goes a Long Way" (KIVA)

Runners-up: "The Women's Kingdom" and "Saddam's Road to Hell"

4. Books: "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert; "What Is the What" by Dave Eggers; "The Lay of the Land" by Richard Ford.

5. Movies: "The Lives of Others"

6. Music: Amy Winehouse, "Rehab"

7. TV: "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"

Our "Unofficial" Holiday Poll

It has been a memorable year for FRONTLINE/World. We broadcast our 25th episode in April, we won our first two Emmys in September, and we registered our highest Web traffic ever in October and November, thanks to our "Extraordinary Rendition" report and our stories from Dubai, Burma and Pakistan.

But before we officially declare, "It's a wrap" for 2007, we'd like to hear from you about which of our "stories from a small planet" mattered most to you this year. And we're also curious about what books you've been reading and would like to share, what music you're listening to, what (if anything) you like on TV, and what movies you'd recommend.

So, welcome to our first year-end holiday poll.

It's incredibly easy. Just send us your choices, with any comments you'd like to add, using the Share Your Reaction box at the bottom of this page. We'll post your messages, tabulate the picks, and announce the results right here on Wednesday, December 19.

Gwynne Roberts

Reporter Gwynne Roberts winning for FRONTLINE/World at this year's Emmy Awards.

To get you started, we will include a few staff favorites in each category. But don't let our choices sway you. This poll belongs to you, our viewers and readers.

This will be an international affair since FRONTLINE/World has an increasingly global audience. When we started this Web site and our TV series in 2002, our viewers were almost exclusively American. Now, as you can tell from the Reacts we get to our stories, our audience is truly worldwide. Web visitors from Toronto, London, Delhi, Amsterdam, Cairo and Dubai have joined those from New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, among our top cities. Thanks to all of you who visit us, watch our videos and send us your comments; we are developing a global online community where you can discuss the issues that are important to you.

Ugandan children.

An all-time staff and viewer favorite from Uganda: "A Little Goes a Long Way."

Now, before we (briefly) close our laptops and shutter our camera lenses for the holidays, send us your favorites in any or all of the following categories...


There are 14 stories to choose from. Here's an episode list to remind you...

Staff picks: Extraordinary Rendition; Hero Rats; News War: War of Ideas; Moscow's Sex and the City.


This can be one of our 26 Rough Cut videos, one of our five FlashPoint photo essays or one of our many Dispatches. Browse story list here.

Staff picks: Pakistan: Disappeared, Dubai: Night Secrets, POSITHIV+: Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa; Nepal: Room to Read; Ghana: Baseball Dreams.


Staff picks: Iraq: Saddam's Road to Hell; China: The Women's Kingdom; Kyrgyzstan: The Kidnapped Bride; North Korea: Suspicious Minds; Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way; France: Soundtrack to a Riot; "A House for Haji Baba."

Note: On your selections below, we are looking for a "best of 2007" but don't fret if a book or movie actually came out, say, in 2006. We're not that picky.


Staff picks: "The Lay of the Land" by Richard Ford; "What Is the What?" by Dave Eggers; "Kafka on the Shore" by Haruki Murakami; "Black Swan Green" by David Mitchell; "The Savage Detectives" by Roberto Bolano.

Staff picks: "Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years" by David Talbot [full disclosure: blatant nepotism alert!]: "The Oil and the Glory" by Steve LeVine; "Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah; "Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping" by Judith Levine; "The Kings of New York" by Michael Weinreb.


Staff picks: "The Lives of Others;" "Across the Universe," "Rendition;" "In the Valley of Elah;" "The Darjeeling Limited;" "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters;" "Into the Wild;" Once, My Kids Could Paint.


Staff picks: "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse; "Lakou Tranquil" by Belo; "Raising Sand" CD by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss; "Lazy Eye" by the Silversun Pickups; "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes; "The Con" by Tegan and Sara; "Thinking of You" by Norah Jones; "The Reminder" by Feist.

7. TV

Staff picks: FRONTLINE and FRONTLINE/World (of course!); The Daily Show; Dexter; Weeds; The Wire (Season 4); Flight of the Conchords.

Vote now!


Lisa Morrell - Longmont, Co
The Girl's Life Room To Read video was the best. I teach elementary school and I showed it at an inservice to the staff. There was not a dry eye in the library after the showing. As teachers and mothers, we could not imagine a mother not being able to read to their children. We then decided to do a penny drive and I showed it to all 450 students in my school. Although we are a 69% free and reduced lunch school, we collected $1000 in less than a month. My students were so amazed to watch them builld a school with pans of cement. It gave them a greater apprecaiton of what they do have.

FRONTLINE/World's editors respond:
That's a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Sasha Gurevich - Chicago, Illinois
Nepal. Nice work.

Los Angeles, CA
Indonesia: After the Wave

Edwin Okong'o - Minneapolis, MN
"Uganda: A Little Goes a Long Way" (KIVA), "Hero Rats" and "Play Pump" were my favorite because they show that small charitable organizations are more effective than large bureaucracies that are ofter riddled with corruption.

Timothy Lesle - San Francisco, CA
I've been following Frontline/World for years. Probably my favorite story from way back is "North Korea: Suspicious Minds." My favorite online story from 2007 is "Nepal: A Girl's Life"--it's nice to see a story about something that works. I also liked "Ghana: Baseball Dreams;" "Dubai: Secret Nights;" and "China: Undermined."While I'm at it, the FlashPoint series is a great example of how the internet lets us tell stories in new ways.

As a resident of Indonesia, I've seen first hand how power can corrupt and how the atrocoties of yesterday can be put aside in the name of progress. This sad fact of developing world life was well illustrated in After the Wave.

Reed Agnew - Pittsburgh, PA
I loved Nepal, A Girl's Life. The point of view---the girl---telling her own story was powerful.

Night Secrets, Night Secrets, Night Secrets!

San Francisco, CA
Love the show--gives me insights and info I can't find anyplace else.
Extraordinary Rendition was an important story and my "best" pick. Requiem was excellent. And of course I liked the running piece ["Run, Lornah, Run" from Kenya].

Growing up in China, A Girl's Life touched me in more than one way; Dubai - Night Secrets unveiled a life most of us will never venture to know. They are definitely my vote!

Good to see all the fans come out for Baseball Dreams and A Girl's Life, and I like those videos, too. But the gold standard for those kind of stories has got to be your Kiva/Uganda microloan story and your Play Pump story from South Africa. I am glad you are re-running those on your Christmas broadcast. Your new Rough Cut about music in Haiti is cool, too.

San Francisco, CA
The Room to Read Nepal story was amazing!

My favorites -- Dubai: Night Secrets, Pakistan: The Disappeared, News Wars, Somalia: A reporter's search for Al Qaeda, North Korea in black and white, Burma:state of fear.
Very intelligent, brave and compelling story telling. May you reach new heights in 2008!

Your story, News War: Requiem, about the reporters who lost their lives, was my favorite.

Pittsburgh, PA
A Girl's LifeNight Secrets

Harriet Crawford - Pittsburgh, PA
I thought Nepal, A Girl's Life was the best!

Norm Goldberg - Pittsburgh, PA
I enjoyed the Dubai piece, and especially, the Nepal piece.

Tim Cunningham - Pittsburgh, PA
Nepal "A Girls Life" & Dubai "Night Secrets" get my vote. All societies have a long way to go to improve the human condition.

Pittsburgh, PA
Nepal: Room to Read and Dubai: Night Secrets are my choices.

Georgia Burke - Chicago, IL
2007 Favorite -- Ghana: Baseball Dreams
Fascinating piece I really enjoyed! Well Done!

Dennis Guikema - Oakland, CA
Nepal: A Girl's Life has my vote for the most touching Rough Cut. Great work on this and all the pieces!

"Nepal: A Girl's Life, Room to Read" is my favorite!!!!

Carolyn Wood - LOveland, Colorado
How a girls life is changed by Room to Read and their scholarship program is inspiring.

Davis,, CA
Nepal: Room to Read and Ghana: Baseball Dreams were terrific documentary features--and very deserving of inclusion in the "Best" category.

Three favorites surface from your stellar online pieces ....
1) Nepal: A Girl's Life
2) China: Women's Kingdom
3) Dubai: Night Secrets
Would love to see more of these types of stories on TV.
Big thanks, FRONTLINE/World

Brad Kemp - San Francisco, CA
"A Girl's Life" was spleeeeeendid.

Sacramento, CA
"A Girl's Life" in Nepal was my favorite! Incredibly moving and artfully done.

Berkeley, CA
I was really impressed with the access that the crew got in Dubai. The combination of the undercover filming, the photography, and the security twist at the end, deserves much praise.

Fred Yu - shanghai, China
i love the women's kingdom. it's the most interesting and funny story i've ever seen!

Nepal: A Girl's Life is my favorite of your online stories this year. Sabina is adorable. Well reported and shot. A joy to watch.

- Shanghai, China
The Women's Kingdom-best F/W ever and Mr. Huffman's China Diaries.
Love the China/Asia coverage.

San Francisco, CA
Sachi's story on Nepal was moving and beautifully shot. It was by far my favorite story.

Jonathan Gaved - Edinburgh, Scotland
I loved Sachi Cunnigham's report Nepal: Room to Read. It was great to see how lives were changing and how female illiteracy was being combatted from its grass roots. It was an inspiration to see this little girl living and changing her daily life through the power of reading and education as well as to see the charity's phenomenal efforts in educating the beautiful children of Nepal.

Carla Graziosi - Davenport, Ca
Nepal: Room to Read. "A Girl's Life" was refreshing and inspiring! Thanks for reporting on such an important issue.

pete nicks - piedmont, ca
Some examples of great video journalism:
Hero Rats
DubaiKeep up the good work!

Carolyn Scott - santa rosa, CA
I would like to give my overwhelming enthusiastic vote for Sachi Cunningham's Nepal - A Girls' LIfe. What a beautiful, important & positive story.

Anonymous - Berkeley, CA
1) News War: War of Ideas
2) Nepal: Room to Read
3) Saddam's Road to Hell
4) "What is the What"
5) No Country for Old Men
6) Rehab [Amy Winehouse]
7) Flight of the Conchords!

- New York, NY
Women's Kingdom was my favorite. Very intimate and funny. More like this please!

Mill Valley, CA
Nepal baby!!

pete nicks - piedmont, ca
hero rats! any story that can turn a rat into a hero gets my vote.
also liked "news war: war of ideas." an interesting perspective on the larger story of how the news biz is changing as a result of the internet revolution.

San Francisco, CA
Room to Read Nepal story was incredible and inspiring - it is by far the best, most powerful story of the year!

San Francisco, CA
I loved Ms Cunningham's short film on the education of Sabina Timilsina and Room To Read's impact in Nepal- truly inspiring!

Victor F. - san francisco, ca
Dubai, by a mile. Sobering and necessary.

Nepal: it's a girl's life is amazing!

new york never sleeps - new york, ny
1. Afghanistan: The Other War. Thanks for not letting us forget.2. Your Burma dispatch by "anonymous." Really frightening.3. Shadows and Lies (Zimbabwe); State of Fear (Burma); and maybe your best program ever (though it was a few years back) -- Cambodia, Romania and Hole in the Wall from India. Now that's a mix -- from the chilling and disturbing (Pol Pot) to the weird (Andrei Codrescu returning home) to the delightful (those kids discovering the internet). Also, that wonderful story about cable TV in Bhutan.4. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson5. Persepolis6. Djin, Djin by Angelique Kidjo7. Friday Night Lights, The Colbert Report, 60 Minutes

adam - san francisco, california
What, no category for radio!? That's my favorite media. So, let's hear it for NPR, the BBC and PRI's The World. Better than TV, better than most of what you can get online.
But I like the work you do, especially your Burma coverage.My favorite movie of the year is "Michael Clayton." Packs a real punch. You've got to hand it to George Clooney. The guy's amazing.

- berkeley, ca
I just saw your video, State of Fear, at a program tonight at the Unitarian church in Berkeley. It was a powerful indictment of the Burmese military dictatorship. I am glad to know that you will continue to follow the struggle for democracy in Burma. I was impressed by your reporter who filmed the army/police opening fire on demonstrators last Sept. That video has my vote.

- Delhi, India
Nepal:A girl's life; Dubai: Night Secrets
(as a foreign correspondent there is a lot I appreciate about these two: very respectful, beautiful, lots of access., brave storytelling..)

Taylor - Los Angeles, CA
Dubai: Night Secrets and Nepal: A Girl's Life!!!

Love, love the Nepal: A Girl's Life about Room to Read!

San Francisco, CA
The Nepal Room to Read story was my favorite!

Margy Crary - Chicago, IL
Nepal : A Girl's Life, Room to Read was my favorite story of the year. I love Frontline. Thank you for the work you do.

S.L. Holt - Casselberry, Fl
All of your programs knock my socks off. The ones I appreciate most are those that tell us the real truth about our country. I would love to see an in depth story about poverty in the U.S. showing the conditions under which so many live & showing the complicity of our government in the causes.Television is mainly PBS for me.
Anything Bill Moyers or Frontline does is in the favorite category.
No movies or novels to thrill over.
Many, many non-fiction books have helped me to remove my blinders about our country this year. Some are:
10 Steps to Repair American Democracy,
David Siorta & Hostile Takeover, Lou Dobbs & Independent's Day.
I have finally learned that so-called news on commercial TV is merely something to entertain us between their main purpose of selling something. We don't watch it anymore. We read "The Real News" online, watch PBS news,
Jon Stewart, and lately Keith Olberman. All those that talk truth interest us.

San Francisco, CA
I liked the story about revisiting Vietnam [reporter: Nguyen Qui Duc] and finding that the younger generation is not educated about the war. It gave me a sense of how even the biggest events in history can be erased. Thank you for your show which haunts and delights me with underground tales of the world.Best book of the year (non-fiction): EAT PRAY LOVE(fiction) SUITE FRANCAISBest Movie: LIVES OF OTHERSMusic: AMY WINEHOUSE

berkeley, ca
1. Tanzania: Hero Rats
2. Nepal: Room to Read
3. Tanzania: Hero Rats
4. The Secret Way to War by Mark Danner
5. The Lives of Others and Namesake
6. Feist

dana - los angeles, ca
Congratulations on your Emmys for FRONTLINE/World this year.
I see that Frontline writers have also dominated the Writer's Guild of America's news documentary category. Well-deserved.Let's hope the writers win their strike soon. I miss the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. (But bravo to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for supporting the writers.)

johannesburg, south africa
By FAR the best movie was RENDITION, possibly one of my top best films EVER, & Gavin Hood [the director] is an old friend who I worked with many suns ago when he was just a Production Manager (a very good one!) We enjoy your show, watch it when we can online.

hugo banzini - tema, ghana
"Baseball Dreams" is a wonderful job done by Zachary and it has really inspired many of the baseball players and fans here in Ghana. For me I consider it great and thanks a lot for your support for Ghana Baseball.

Michael Rausch - Portland, OR
Hands down your best show of the year was Extraordinary Rendition. Where else could you see such in depth reporting on American TV? Answer? Nowhere! And just look at the dialog it provoked on your website. Please bring us more reports like this one. These issues MATTER. I am listening to the U.S. baseball steroids scandal, and it's disheartening. Maybe all those overpaid superstars of the U.S. league should be sent to Ghana for a dose of humility and a reminder of what sports is all about. So i guess your Ghana baseball story gets my vote for best online story. Best all-time? An impossible task!

Cambridge, Mass
1. Best Frontline/World -- India: A Second Opinion and Russia: Moscow's Sex and the City2. Best Online -- Ghana: Baseball Dreams and Ecuador: Country Doctors3. All time best Frontline/World -- France: Soundtrack to a Riot and Iceland: the Future of Sound

berkeley, ca
I saw a repeat of your episode with the Afghanistan and micro-loan stories the other night. Good work. I'd seen most of the [kiva] micro-loan story before but not Afghanistan, and it was well edited and devastating in its implications, I thought.

You run so many good stories, but for pure pleasure (and an actual insight into a culture), it's hard to beat the Moscow's Sex in the City story. It played like a little foreign film. Quirky, fascinating, even heartbreaking -- the part about the young couple who break up because the guy is such an alcoholic.

Benjamin Newman - Chicago, IL
I enjoyed your TV story "After the Wave". Even though the interviewees were evasive, I did think it was important to see a slice of the aftermath of the Tsunami that wasn't just about recovering from the storm itself. I know everyone seemed to love "Hero Rats" (I guess people just love animals? Even rodents) but I preferred your Aceh, Indonesia story from Episode 605. Perhaps I'm partial to seeing stories on Southeast Asia.

New York, NY
I'm always impressed by the independent POV in your pieces; you get into corners of the world where few reporters go. The piece on Rendition was especially chilling.
As for books, I was surprised to see no one mentioned Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine. In it she lays out a scenario for how corporations zoom in on natural and man-made disasters around the world and exacerbate the problems of ordinary folk in the name of free markets. It's the most compelling book I read this year.

San Francisco, CA
Best FL/Worlds of 2007: Extraordinary Rendition (near perfect, beautifully shot, well-sourced in-depth reporting. Stephen Grey's a hell of a reporter), and Hero Rats (brilliant for its pragmatism and gets title of the year for any broadcast) and Ghana: Baseball Dreams (for its humility).TV: CalifornicationMovies: Once; Michael Clayton

For books this year, I recommend an excellent biography, "Gertrude Bell: Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations" by Georgina Howell. She was the "female T.E. Lawrence -- Lawrence of Arabia" and was deeply involved in Iraq. A very daring, provocative woman who spoke multiple languages. Maybe your reporter Kate Seelye would want to do something about her?

luis hernandez - seville, spain, spain
I do not select any special favorite. Everything in PBS is great for me. I recall Chanel 13 in New York in the late 60s. Sesame Street, the American Dream Machine, and so on.

Uganda: A Little Goes A Long Way -- Pioneering microloans online.

Three cheers for "Island on the Edge" [Russia's Sakhalin]. Well told and compelling on a subject of cutting edge importance in today's oil-driven world!


Kathryn - New York, New York
I think all your episodes are very good, however, episode #603 - about Arab media and the dangers reporters face all over the world - was especially affecting. We in the US need reminders of how lucky we are and also how we need to listen to other viewpoints, which is even more important since our government wastes no effort to stifle its citizens theses days. Thank you for this episode.

Colin Haviland - Minneapolis, Mn.
I Love all your Frontline /World shows. My favorite was: Uganda: A little goes a long way [micro-loans]. I got started with $25.00 here, $25.00 there, and before I knew it, I have interest free Loans in 36 Countrys. It's now my #1 daily obsession.

San Francisco, CA
2007:: Hero Rats, Tanzania
Online: Dubai, Night Secrets
Best ever: Iraq, Road to Hell
Non-Fiction: The Lemon Tree, Sandy Tolan
Fiction: The Yiddish Policemen's Union, Michael Chabon
Music: L'Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, "Sona."

- Berkeley, CA
I really enjoyed and was inspired by Ghana: Baseball Dreams. A great story!

Jose Fernandez - Harker Heights, TX
The Kiva story and the symphony of Paraguay.

Los Angeles, California
Ghana Baseball dreams was my favorite rough cut-- it was a beautiful piece that illustrated so many facets of life in Ghana! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Andrew Nelson - Denver, CO
1. Extraordinary Rendition
2. Ghana: Baseball Dreams
4. Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
5. "Once," "My Kids Could Paint That"
6. "The Reminder" by Feist

Monte Gillis - Pullman, Wa
I think my #1 pick of the year is The coconut cure [a Dispatch]. My #2 pick of the year would be Hero Rats.

Ghana: Baseball Dreams gets my vote!

Ghana : BASEBALL DREAMS is my pick FOR BEST!

Ryan - Boston, MA
Ghana - Baseball Dreams. AWESOME story!

Cambridge, MA
The Kiva story: Uganda - A Little Goes A Long Way is still my favorite FrontlineWorld. It is absolutely inspiring.

Hershey, pa
Ghana - Baseball Dreams was so inspiring.

harold mandel mandel - toronto ont. canada, ONT. CANADA

john B. gray - fox Point, wisconsin
The one that I liked the very best was the one about the youth symphony in Paraguay.
Well done and inspiring. Inspiring websites too!

Justin Holmes - Winston Salem, NC
I thought "Ghana: Baseball Dreams" was really well done. In a time when baseball is so commercialized it was great to see people playing for the love of the game.

Washington, DC
Ghana - Baseball Dreams!

Amy Hossler - Harrisburg, PA
"Ghana: Baseball Dreams" was by far my favorite Frontline/World Online Story of 2007. The enthusiasm and determination of the Ghana baseball players is a true reflection of passion for the game! Wonderful piece!

Washington, DC
"Ghana: Baseball Dreams" was wonderful. It is so great to have some positive stories about what life is like, or can be like, in Africa. Very Well Done!

Your bravest moment of 2007 was your Rendition story. It's good that it is still on your web site for all to see.Online: Disappeared and Dubai prostitutes, a dead-even tie.My all-time favorite: I'll never forget that story you did years ago about Cambodia and the surviving Khmer Rouge leaders.

Pippa Gordon - San Francisco, Ca
Best Story: Play Pump --South Africa, easily the best; Hero Rats --yayy good rats; Uganda -- Microloans, what a good invention.Frontline World -- what a relief to have a great show to look forward to on the television. One filled with enlightening information about our small planet, and that provides true inspiration.Online Stories: Cambodia's Care and Comfort; Tibet's Eye Camp; Liberia: Give Peace a Chance.Movies:"Across the Universe" -- imaginative with soul and great politics; "After the Wedding" -- great foreign film; "Notes on a Scandal" -- right on women; "La Vie en Rose" -- tragic artistic life.Books:"Half a Yellow Sun" by Adichie -- another Africa war story from a woman's point of view (unlike What is the What and the "Beyeh's Boy Soldier" -- two great books but let's have it for more from women, especially in Africa). "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert -- thought it would be trite and corny but no, it was witty, biting and charming. "The Blood of Flowers" by Amirrezvani, and "Suite Francaise" -- Irene Nemirovsky, an amazing WW2 story of the occupation of France. "On Chesel Beach" - Mc Ewan.Music:The White Stripes for that uplifting feeling with intelligence, humour and wit. Carmen, the opera. Dollar Brand/Abdullah Ibrahim.

Baseball in Ghana... Awesome story.

Brookline, MA
I really enjoyed both News War and Ghana: Baseball Dreams

Ghana: Baseball Dreams

Portland, OR
GHANA: Baseball Dreams!!!

Best FL/World of 2007: Extraordinary Rendition
Best Rough Cut: "Disappeared"
Best FL/World ever: Women's Kingdom, Kidnapped Bride, House for Haji Baba
Novel: Richard Ford's "The Lay of the Land"
Movie: "The Lives of Others"
Music: Nora Jones "Thinking of You"

Movie: "Into the Wild"
Music: "The Con" by Tegan and Sara
Book: "Different Mirror" by Ronald Takaki
Favorite Rough Cut: "Women's Kingom" (I want to go there!)

Any story with Alexis Bloom!Your timing of running "Hero Rats" when the movie, "Ratatouille," was out was brilliant.Best performance of the year: the radiant and glorious Julie Christie in "Away from Her," though the movie itself was not the best.

Ghana baseball is a fantastic piece!

Lawrence, KS
I loved "Ghana: Baseball Dreams."

Chicago, IL
Ghana: Baseball Dreams for BEST FRONTLINE/WORLD ONLINE STORY OF 2007.

Chicago, Illinois
My vote is Ghana: Baseball Dreams for BEST FRONTLINE/WORLD ONLINE STORY OF 2007. It was a wonderful piece!

Jacob Smith - Gettysburg, PA
Ghana: Baseball Dreams. A story with good news from Africa, something we need to see more of.

Love FRONTLINE/World. Just wish you were on TV more often. Your best story this year? The Afghan war story. A real inside look and very disturbing. And as far as best books are concerned, I just want to give a shout out to a classic by this year's Nobel Prize winner, Doris Lessing, "The Golden Notebook," a real landmark book written when that irascible old lady was at the top of her game.

Scott Lamont - Oxnard, CA
Favorite 2007 show was Afghanistan: The Other War. It was real and unlike any other coverage from the region. Favorite online, Uganda: Condom Controversy. Good strong story, important to tell folks about what U.S. aid with strings leads to.Best book I've read this year, The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.Best movie I've seen this year: Into the Wild.Thanks FRONTLINE World. Looking forward to what you have in store for 2008.

Cupertino, CA
I vote for Ghana-Baseball Dreams. Here is a group of people who are following their dreams. "Sticktoitiveness" Never give up!!!

ruth pollak - washington, dc
You're so wonderful. It's great that your project has legs and is continuing apparently full speed. I catch the shows when I can and always admire them.

1. Poland: Chopin's Heart
2. Nepal: Room to Read
3. Oh, let's say...Poland: Chopin's Heart (because it has perfect form)
4. "Oracle Bones" by Peter Hessler
5. The Lives of Others
6. Tusen Tankar (Triakel) tied w/Cafe Tacuba's Tropico de Cancer.