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Health Mar 23

Did Obamacare help or hurt you?

The PBS NewsHour asked people if they were concerned or encouraged by possible, future changes to the Affordable Care Act. More than 1,000 people responded from across the country -- from Maine to Missouri and California.

Health Jul 11

The End of AIDS?

It’s a bold mission by any standard: to end the AIDS epidemic. But the tools are there, say officials of the joint United Nations program on HIV/AIDS. Here’s what the UNAIDS plan, known as “90-90-90,” looks like.

Health May 01

Students in rural Indiana are suddenly experts on HIV

AUSTIN, Ind. — Holli Reynolds didn’t entirely understand what HIV was when the news broke earlier this year that 11 people in her tiny town had tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. Neither did her classmates — a…

Health Dec 03

Infographic: Hospitals vary widely on maternity care

New analysis from the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Taskforce found shocking variations in performance for four measures of maternity care. The California Healthcare Foundation turned their conclusions into an infographic.

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