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Health May 10

Which country has the highest organ donation rates?

In the United States, there are currently 122,592 people waiting for an organ. According to, the government gateway for information on donation, 18 people die in the United States each day waiting for an organ.

World Apr 27

Exploring Ukraine: past and present

NewsHour Weekend correspondent Megan Thompson talked with five experts on Russian and Ukrainian history and politics to dig a little deeper into what tensions underlie the current conflict. Below you'll find additional writings from those experts, images from the Ukrainian…

Nation Mar 29

Timeline of marijuana policy in the U.S. and Netherlands

NewHour’s investigation into how the Netherlands has managed the sale of pot for 40 years illustrated that laws and regulations governing marijuana are often in flux. Use the timeline below to see how both nations have changed their…

Nation Mar 23

Is rural America a thing of the past?

The image of the families like the Joads from The Grapes of Wrath loading up their meager possessions and leaving the farm for the city is a powerful one in the American psyche. It’s almost as powerful as the image…

Arts Mar 16

Celebrating 73 years of the National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., turns 73 on March 17. The project the gift of another American of great wealth, Andrew Mellon, who felt that the United States should have a gallery of art comparable…

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