2 years ago

Georgia GOP election night party begins to empty

The Republican election night party in Atlanta is beginning to empty, with those remaining increasingly concerned that one or both GOP Georgia Senate candidates could lose.

That would give Georgia a Democratic senator for the first time since 2005, when Zell Miller retired from his seat.

John Burke, a spokesperson for Republican David Perdue, says, “This is going to be close.” He says, “We’ll see how the last few votes go.”

Perdue is challenging Democrat Jon Ossoff in Tuesday night’s runoff elections, while Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler is going up against Democrat Raphael Warnock. The races were too early to call by Wednesday morning.

The races will determine which party takes control of the Senate. Democrats must win both races to take Senate control. Republicans only need to win one.

-The Associated Press

2 years ago

Fewer than half of Georgia precincts done counting

A top Georgia elections official says the largest share of outstanding votes looks to be ballots cast early in DeKalb County, a Democratic stronghold.

Gabriel Sterling also said Tuesday night that fewer than half of Georgia’s 159 counties had finished counting votes.

Sterling said as of about 9:30 p.m., 64 counties had finished counting absentee ballots, early in-person ballots and Election Day ballots. Most of them were smaller counties.

He says, “It’s going to be a long night for all the campaigns here.”

All eyes were on Georgia on Tuesday night for two runoff elections that will determine which political party controls the U.S. Senate. Republican Kelly Loeffler was taking on Democrat Raphael Warnock, while Republican David Perdue was going up against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Democrats must win both races to take Senate control. Republicans only need to win one.

-The Associated Press

2 years ago

FBI probed bomb threat for Georgia polling site

The elections director for Georgia’s most populous county says a bomb threat targeting an Election Day polling place in Georgia’s most populous county was investigated last week by the FBI.

Fulton County elections director Rick Barron said Tuesday during a media briefing that “the person said that the Nashville bombing was a practice run for what we would see today at one of our polling places.”

A bomb detonated in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning, killing the bomber and injuring three other people and damaging dozens of buildings.

The Fulton County threat, received Dec. 30, was reported to the FBI. Barron says agents visited the Tennessee home of the man who made the threat and searched it but did not make any arrests.

Barron says several members of his staff have received death threats and “innumerable racial slurs” have been directed at his staff, by phone and on social media.

-The Associated Press

2 years ago

Most populous county sees more votes than Nov. 3

Fulton County elections director Rick Barron gave reporters a rough estimate of more than 70,000 votes cast in person on Tuesday, versus about 60,000 in-person votes on Nov. 3. Fulton County includes most of Atlanta and is heavily Democratic.
Barron noted that there were fewer absentee ballots cast than during the general election and that the early in-person voting period was four days shorter, both of which he said may have contributed to the higher Election Day turnout.

Spokesperson Summer Dunham says neighboring DeKalb County, also a Democratic stronghold, also saw more in-person voters on Tuesday than on Nov. 3.

Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate. Republican Kelly Loeffler is going up against Democrat Raphael Warnock, while Republican David Perdue is challenging Democrat Jon Ossoff. Democrats must win both seats to take control of the Senate.

-The Associated Press

2 years ago

Evangelical voters strongly support Perdue, Loeffler

Early votercast data from the Associated Press indicates Evangelicals strongly favored the Republican candidates, Lisa Desjardins reports.

2 years ago

40% of the expected vote is in

Experts said the two Senate races could be very close and have warned that the results may not be known for days since counties have to count large numbers of mail-in ballots. During November’s presidential race, President-elect Joe Biden did not take the lead over President Donald Trump in Georgia until days after the polls closed.

However, Georgia officials have made some changes from November in an effort to expedite the ballot counting process. While officials could not begin tabulating results until Tuesday, a new rule required them to begin processing early mailed ballots at least a week before election day. Processing mail-in ballots, which includes opening envelopes and verifying signatures, is time consuming and delayed counts in many races around the country in November.

2 years ago

Democratic Senate candidates outperformed Republicans in Georgia suburbs, per AP

Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock narrowly won the all-important suburban vote in Georgia’s runoffs, according to AP VoteCast survey data. Ossoff carried 52 percent of the suburban vote, four percentage points better than Republican David Perdue. Warnock did slightly better, winning 53 percent of the suburban vote to Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s 47 percent.

Suburban voters played a critical role in handing Georgia to Joe Biden in the general election, helping him become the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state since 1992. Biden carried 55 percent of the suburban vote, beating President Donald Trump by 12 points.

2 years ago

Republican voters in Georgia’s Senate runoffs believe Biden was not legitimately elected

About three-quarters of voters who backed Republican candidates in Georgia’s Senate runoffs say President-elect Joe Biden was not legitimately elected in November.

That’s according to AP VoteCast, a survey of voters in Tuesday’s high-stakes Senate contests. The poll of voters measured how deeply President Donald Trump’s false claims of fraud and misconduct have resonated with Republicans in the state.

Despite the courts, state officials and the Justice Department finding no evidence of widespread voter fraud, roughly 9 in 10 of the Republicans’ backers say they lacked confidence that votes in November’s presidential contest were accurately counted.

-The Associated Press

2 years ago

Warnock would be first Black person to represent Georgia in the Senate, if elected

Raphael Warnock is seeking to become the first Black person elected to the U.S. Senate from Georgia. Just 10 Black people have been elected to the Senate, including three current members: Sens. Tim Scott, R-S.C., and Cory Booker, D-N.J., and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, D-Calif. Harris will step down when she is sworn in as vice president.

If elected, Jon Ossoff would be the youngest member of the Senate by nearly a decade. Ossoff is 33. The current youngest member is Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., who is 41 years old.

2 years ago

Black voters accounted for 32% of electorate in Georgia Senate runoffs

According to the early AP vote survey, Black voters accounted for 32 percent of the electorate in the Georgia runoff races, a slight increase of 3 percent from the general election in November. The white share of the electorate declined by 4 percent.

Voters who identified as Democrats or leaned Democratic made up 42 percent of the electorate according to the AP’s early voter survey, 2 percent less than November. Self-identified Republicans made up 50 percent of all voters, down just 1 percent from the general election. The share of the independent vote rose 2 percent from November to 7 percent in the runoffs.