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WATCH: Democratic counsel Barry Berke’s full opening statement in Trump impeachment hearing

Barry Berke, counsel for Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee, began his prepared remarks in an impeachment hearing Monday with an anecdote about how his son asked if the president “had to be a good person.”

Berke said he told his son, “it is not a requirement that the president be a good person, but that is the hope. … That is not why we are here today. That is not the issue.” He added that “the very document that created the awesome presidency and its powers that we have, made clear it is a requirement that the president be a person who does not abuse his power.”

Berke spoke during a public hearing by the Judiciary Committee in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

At the start of the hearing, Democratic and Republican lawyers for the House Judiciary Committee, were allowed to make the case for and against Trump’s impeachment.

The Judiciary and Intelligence committees have led the impeachment probe, hearing testimony from witnesses and legal experts about Trump’s conduct. Democrats are currently drafting the articles of impeachment, on which House lawmakers are expected to vote in the coming weeks.

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