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WATCH: Trump not protected by First Amendment for inciting insurrection, Rep. Raskin says

Democrats took aim at the Trump legal team’s expected First Amendment defense, saying it has no basis in the evidence.

Watch Raskin’s remarks in the player above.

Lead House Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin argued in the Senate trial that there is a First Amendment defense against the impeachment charge is “absurd.”

Futher, Raskin said, “The First Amendment does not create some superpower immunity from impeachment.”

Thursday’s session follows the previous day’s raw and visceral video of last month’s deadly insurrection.

Though most of the Senate jurors seem to have made up their minds, making Trump’s acquittal likely, the never-before-seen audio and video released Wednesday is now a key exhibit in Trump’s impeachment trial as lawmakers prosecuting the case argue Trump should be convicted of inciting the siege.

Trump lawyers are expected to will argue Friday that his words were protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment and just a figure of speech.

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