As CEOs, labor leaders, and economists gather at the White House Thursday to discuss how to accelerate U.S. job creation, their challenge is tackling double-digit unemployment while keeping the deficit under control.

Paul Solman: Questions keep coming in about the likelihood and consequences of a California default on its bonds. One unexpected result might be anger for the ages. Here’s Lake Poet William Wordsworth on the 1842 bond default of Pennsylvania,…

Mar 19

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Grover "Russ" Whitehurst is a Brookings Institute Senior Fellow and a former official with the U.S. Department of Education. In this Q&A, he explains how the stimulus funds will make their way to local projects, particularly for school programs.

Question/Comment: Paul, please help me understand who is more correct when it comes to the multiplier as applied to tax cuts, versus increased government spending. Professor Greg Mankiw believes that the stimulus package should have more tax cuts, while…

Jan 15

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Democrats Unveil $825B Stimulus Plan

House Democrats on Thursday released an $825 billion economic rescue plan that aims to alleviate the economic downturn through a combination of $550 billion in spending and state aid, and $275 billion in tax cuts.

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