Science Jul 25

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Sudden, Rare Ice Melt in Greenland. What Caused it?

In a four-day period this July, the Greenland ice sheet melted at a faster rate than satellite data has ever recorded and at higher elevations than we've seen in our lifetimes. So what caused this extraordinary melt? Since May,…

Oct 12

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Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Photo by Flickr user Tom Olliver. Not long after ad marketing turns from waterparks and beach getaways to maple spice lattes and pumpkin facials, fall colors begin to announce the arrival of autumn -- and some years, more loudly…

Photo by WTL via Flickr. No frequent flyer is a stranger to turbulence. But what causes it, and how dangerous is it? Turbulence is the random, chaotic motion of air, caused by changes in air currents. From inside an…

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