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Blood Sugar Rising

What's your diabetes story? #Blood SugarPBS


A social media photo showing Karen Washington with #BLOODSUGARPBS underneath.

In America’s hidden epidemic, there is no one face of diabetes. Are you the face of someone who has diabetes, or someone who has cared for someone with diabetes or has seen diabetes affect your community? Share your portrait and a sentence about your experience with diabetes and post it with the hashtag #BloodSugarPBS.

Don’t have your own story but would like to still participate? Share this photo with our call-to-action above to help others learn about our Portraits of an Epidemic campaign.

A social media asset photo of Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, with #BLOODSUGARPBS underneath.


Gather and share portraits of what diabetes looks like in your community. Below are some examples of how you can gather this content.

Are you hosting a screening in your area? Here are some way to incorporate the campaign into your event.

  • Add this PowerPoint slide to your introduction or closing to let people know how they can participate.
  • Create a photobooth! Print out this sign for your attendees to take photos with. Make sure to post the directions for how to participate in the campaign as well.

Is there a member of your community that’s outspoken about their experience with diabetes? Share this page with them above and ask if they’d be willing to share their own portrait on their social media.