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Campana Sobre Campana

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Rolando Villazón perform "Campana Sobre Campana."


Music and text: Spanish carol
Arrangement: Ryan Murphy

“Campana Sobre Campana,” a traditional Andalusian Christmas song, is one of the most famous of all Spanish carols, having been translated into more than one hundred languages, and is a special favorite of children in Spain. In this song, heavenly angels ring the bells of Bethlehem, inviting all to join with the shepherds and see the Christ Child in the manger.

Ryan Murphy’s arrangement of “Campana Sobre Campana” adds some lively Latin dance rhythms to the orchestral accompaniment. With the enthusiastic ringing of the Bells on Temple Square layered in as well, this performance foregrounds the song’s intrinsic vitality and animated joy.



Campana sobre campana,
Y sobre campana una,
Àsómate a la ventana,
Verás al Niño en la cuna.

Belén, campanas de Belén,
Que los angeles tocan,
¿Qué nuevas me traéis?

Caminando a medianoche
¿Donde caminas pastor?
Le llevo al Niño que nace,
Como Dios mi corazón.

Campana sobre campana,
Y sobre campana dos,
Àsómate a la ventana,
Porque esta nanciendo Dios

Si aún les estrellas alumbran
¿Pastor, donde quieres ir?
Voy al portal si el Niño
Con El me deja dormir.


Bell on bell,
And above that bell another,
Come to the window,
You’ll see the Child in His cradle.

Bethlehem, bells of Bethlehem,
That the angels are ringing,
What news do you bring to me?

Walking at midnight,
Where are you going, shepherd?
To bring to the newborn Child,
As I do to God, my heart.

Bell on bell,
And above that bell two more,
Come to the window,
For God is born.

If the stars are still shining,
Shepherd, where do you want to go?
I am going to the stable if the Child
Will let me sleep by Him.