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close-up of Spin Spin: A Passenger to the Summit
May 6, 1997
By Liesl Clark

Spin, a crash test dummy that has traveled the globe, will be accompanying Pete Athans on his journey to the summit of Everest. Pictured here, Spin has traveled with many expeditions, but this will be his first try for the highest point on the Earth. If successful, Spin will be the first crash test dummy ever to reach the summit of Everest.

Edgar filming Spin on top of Pete's backpack Like astronauts who take small mementos from the Earth with them to the moon, climbers often take light-weight talismans to accompany them on their high-altitude journeys. Spin, who is attached to the top of Pete Athans' backpack will have a rare view of the Everest climb from his unique vantage point behind Pete's head. Explains Athans, "Spin and I have quite a bit in common. Aside from our wardrobe, we're both kind of crash test dummies. And I have to admit, Spin's O2 sat is probably better than mine."

Today, David Breashears, Ed Viesturs, Jangbu Sherpa, David Carter, and Pete Athans are all resting at Camp II awaiting better weather conditions up high. Other teams are now also moving into position at Camp II. The Canadian expedition has two climbers at Camp II, Sherpas for the Malaysian team have been moving loads from Camp II to Camp III, and the Italian team has reached Camp II's 21,300-foot mark.

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