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NOVA Climbers Reach the Summit!
May 23, 1997
by Lauren Aguirre

Our climbers reached the summit of Mt. Everest early this morning Everest time, beginning with David Breashears at 6:50 am, and followed soon thereafter by Ed Viesturs, David Carter, and Jangbu Sherpa. Here at Base Camp we were not able to establish radio contact with Pete Athans, but he had been climbing with David Breashears and is assumed to be safe. By 7:45 am, all the climbers were on their way back down the mountain, heading toward the safety of Camp IV.

Their immediate concern was to get out of the wind and cold on the summit, and down the Hillary Step, to avoid being trapped there by climbers from other expeditions on their way up. Up to 50 people were hoping to reach the peak tonight, taking advantage of what could be the last possible window for a summit attempt this year. Our climbers expected that they would be back at Camp IV within about five hours of their departure from the peak, with a short stop at the South summit to continue with their neuro-behavioral testing.

While they were still on the summit, our physician at Base Camp, Dr. Howard Donner, was able to speak in turn with David Breashears, David Carter, Jangbu Sherpa and Ed Viesturs via radio and satellite phone for a historic live audio feed to this Web site.

Check back for news tomorrow on our climbers' whereabouts.

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