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Poised at Camp II
May 19, 1997
By Liesl Clark and Kate Churchill

Today all NOVA climbing subjects are at Camp II (21,300') awaiting optimal weather conditions for a summit attempt. Ed Viesturs, Dave Carter, Guy Cotter, Jangbu Sherpa, Veikka Gustafsson, and Tashi Tenzing have all moved up from Base Camp (17,600'), joining David Breashears and Pete Athans at Camp II. There was a break in the route through the Icefall, due to a collapse, and Jangbu reported at 7:00 AM by radio "many people are turning around and coming down." An hour later Ed Viesturs and his team, including Jangbu, reported that they were able to safely navigate the troubled area in the route.

The winds aloft have been sporadic throughout the day, with some hopeful moments of calm interrupting the roar that everyone has been hearing for the last week. Forecasts continue to predict 40-50 knot winds over the next five days. After receiving the forecast at Camp II David Breashears commented, "Well it looks like if we're going to climb this mountain, we're going to have to climb it in the wind." Our team members have decided to rest one more day at Camp II and then move up to Camp III (24,500') with the first possible summit day being May 23.

In the meantime, an Italian physiological research team has decided not to conduct their planned medical tests at the South Col (Camp IV 26,000') due to high winds. Their Sherpa team is in the process of moving all of their equipment down to Camp III where we understand they will be conducting high altitude medical tests on their climbers. John Tinker's International Everest Expedition (OTT) has made a move up to Camp IV, and are reportedly all safe and sound. They will begin their summit attempt around midnight tonight and as of the last report, the summit team will be made up of six members and four Sherpas. All eyes are on Tinker's team; they will be the first to make a summit attempt since the onset of high winds on Everest.

With the exception of Todd Burleson's team, there are members from every other expedition on the mountain lining up for their summit day. In the meantime, all of our team members are feeling strong at Camp II, despite having spent nearly two weeks in the thicker air of Base Camp at 17,600 feet.

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