Find by Interest Forensics

3-D Mug Shot
Examine one of the latest crime-fighting tools—a laser-imaging technique that creates three-dimensional mug shots and uses ears to identify individuals.

Bog Bodies of the Iron Age
See where discoveries have been made across Northwest Europe and examine a dozen spectacular finds.

Chemical Residue
Find out how chromatography can be used to trace a bomb's chemical components.

Create a DNA Fingerprint
Find out about DNA fingerprinting as you try to solve the case of the licked lollipop.

Dig and Deduce
Uncover bone fragments and artifacts at three Neanderthal excavation sites, then step into the morass known as archeological interpretation.

Identifying Remains with DNA
Using an interactive family tree, find out why mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is so useful to forensic scientists.

Impact to Collapse
Watch an expert-narrated slide show of the Twin Towers' final minutes.

Map in Question, The
Is it authentic? Examine the entire map—and the telltale evidence—and decide for yourself.

Reading the Remains
Learn what information can be gleaned from a burial site—in this case that of an ancient, high-ranking Thai woman.

Remnants of an Expedition
Franklin expert Russell Potter narrates this audio slide show of artifacts from the lost expedition.

Tollund Man
Meet the most famous bog body of all and learn how scientists reconstructed his final hours. Also, hear Seamus Heaney's poem "The Tollund Man."


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