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Science Aug 19

Can students return a billion oysters to a New York harbor?

Oysters were once abundant in New York City, but decades of over-harvesting and pollution led to their near-extinction there. Now, an education initiative called the Billion Oyster Project teaches public school students how to help bring them back to the…

Nation Apr 23

Missouri’s blue-city, red-state divide over minimum wage

Some of the fiercest political battles are taking place between Democratic-controlled cities and Republican-led state legislatures over issues like minimum wage and plastic bag bans. Increasingly, those issues are decided through a political maneuver called preemption, when state lawmakers write…

Nation Mar 18

Documentary ‘Newtown’ examines a town’s lasting trauma

The documentary "Newtown" explores the aftermath of the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults. The documentary, which weaves together the experiences of those affected by the…

Nation Feb 18

Gold Butte National Monument is controversial for some locals

The newly-designated Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada contains fragile wildlife habitat, important sites for native tribes and thousands of ancient rock etchings. While local indigenous tribes, environmental advocacy groups and Democrats cheered former President Obama’s decision to bring the…

Politics Nov 06

This system calls for popular vote to determine winner

Four times in U.S. history, the winner of the nationwide popular vote has lost the Electoral College and the general election. But a proposal called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would automatically allocate participating states' Electoral College votes to…

Politics Oct 23

GOP incumbent walks line in PA on supporting Trump

Even if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, she could face difficulties on Capitol Hill, if Republicans continue to control the House of Representatives and Senate. One of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents is Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. NewsHour…

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