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Mori Rothman has produced stories on a variety of subjects ranging from women’s rights in Saudi Arabia to rural depopulation in Kansas. Mori previously worked as a producer and writer at ABC News and as a production assistant on the CNN show Erin Burnett Outfront.

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Nation Aug 06

How a Hawaiian island is fighting invasive parakeets

On the Hawaiian island of Kauai, rose-ringed parakeets, which are often kept as pets, have bred in the wild, destroying farms and bothering residents. They may also be threatening native plants. PBS NewsHour Weekend's Megan Thompson reports on local efforts…

World Jun 25

Fighting for freshwater amid climate change

President Donald Trump has said he is withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate accords, rejecting that wealthier nations, which have the biggest carbon footprints, should help poorer nations vulnerable to climate changes. One such place is the Marshall Islands,…

Science Apr 22

Scientists consider running for office

As President Donald Trump’s administration proposes cuts to science programs across the country, some scientists and engineers are considering whether they should run for elected office. One of the biggest worries, some say, is whether revealing their partisan politics could…

Nation Mar 05

New national park celebrates Harriet Tubman’s legacy

After Harriet Tubman, famed conductor of the Underground Railroad, rescued dozens of people from slavery and served in the Civil War, she settled down in the small city of Auburn in upstate New York and continued a life of service.

Politics Feb 19

Democrats aim to reclaim the working class vote

President Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, in part, by capturing the white working class vote in Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania that previously voted for Democratic candidates. Now, some Democrats are trying to rebuild their base in blue-collar…

Nation Feb 05

Allentown Syrians divided on Trump travel ban

Allentown, Pennsylvania and surrounding Lehigh County are home to around 4,200 residents of Syrian descent -- one of the largest Syrian communities in the nation. They began arriving a century ago, with dozens more pouring in after the start of…

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