Poetry Sep 29

The skyline of Seattle as seen from Gas Works Park on Lake Union. Photo by Lorna Baldwin
Mapping Seattle, poem by poem

Seattle's "Poetic Grid" captures the rapidly changing city by asking people to write about locations that have meaning to them.

Poetry Jan 09

The all-American essence of Kansas, Camaros and ‘Jennifer’

“[This poem] looks at the emptiness of American Exceptionalism and concepts of our ‘greatness’ but by talking about the name Jennifer… a quintessentially American name,” said Adair-Hodges, who said the poem came out of “thinking about names as signifiers” --…

Michael Davidson is a professor of literature at University of California, San Diego. Davidson has published five other books of poetry, including "The Arcades" (O Books, 1998). "Bleed Through: New and Selected Poems" (Coffee House Press, 2013), published in December,…

// Poet and veteran teacher Stanley Plumly continues his exploration of personal memories, juxtaposing his childhood with 74 years worth of knowledge and perspective on the world, in his latest collection, "Orphan Hours: Poems." In addition to his writing, Plumly…

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