Pro-Captivity Views

from FRONTLINE's interviews with Jim McBain and Brad Andrews, Sea World, Inc.

Anti-Captivity Views

from FRONTLINE's interviews with Naomi Rose, Humane Society of U.S., and Ric O'Barry, animal advocate

The Atlantis  Marine Park Project
Marine biologist Kelly Waples' fascinating, first-hand acount of lessons learned from a project in the early '90s to reintroduce to the wild nine bottlenose dolphins from a Western Australia marine park.

What Should We Know Before We Free Willy?
In this article the National Marine Fisheries Service emphasizes the difficult issues that must be addressed before releasing captive cetaceans

The Ethics of Keeping Whales and Dolphins Captive
Orca expert Erich Hoyt offers some of the clearest explanations of ethical arguments against keeping orcas captive

An Introduction to the Missions of Zoological Parks
The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums presents their strongly-argued case on the importance of marine life parks, aquariums and zoos

Dangers to Trainers
In this investigative piece, orca expert Erich Hoyt reports on numerous accidents, and even deaths, involving trainers of killer whales.

The Navy's Report on Reintroducing  Dolphins into the Wild
In 1992, Congress allocated $500,000 to the Navy to explore the possibility of returning to the wild dolphins deemed unnecessary to military programs. In October 1993, the Navy issued this report which concluded that, because of the research and technological development required before the dolphins could be returned to the wild safely, a reintroduction program would not be cost effective.

Protocol for Readaptation & Release
Animal advocate Ric O'Barry explains the process and criteria required for releasing captive dolphins - and why it can be done with most, but not all, of these mammals

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