Susan Davis

Susan Davis is author of Spectacular Nature - Corporate Culture and the Sea World Experience . This 1997 book focuses on Sea World's theme parks and examines the role of commercial entertainment in shaping public understandings of the environment and environmental issues.

Jim McBain and Brad Andrews

Jim McBain and Brad Andrews are, respectively, director of veterinary service, Sea World Inc. and vice president, Zoological Operations, Sea World, Inc,.

Craig McCaw

Craig McCaw is a billionaire cell phone entrepreneur who has contributed more than $3 million to Keiko's rehabilitation project that could lead to the killer whale being released into the wild.

Ted Griffin

Ted Griffin was the first man to acquire and train a killer whale, Namu, in 1962.

John Hall

John Hall is former Sea World research director. He also was involved in the Navy dolphin programs from 1963-65.

Richard  O'Barry

Richard O'Barry is a self described 'abolitionist' on the issue of animal captivity. Years ago he was the trainer of the dolphins who collectively played Flipper. He believes that one of them, Kathy, committed suicide after she was retired to a small steel tank shut off from contact with people or other dolphins. In 1996 O'Barry was involved in controversy after he helped release three Navy dolphins.

Naomi Rose

Naomi Rose is marine mammologist with the Humane Society of the U.S.

David Phillips

David Phillips is founder of the Free Willy Keiko Foundation and executive director of the Earth Island Institute.

Lanny Cornell

Lanny Cornell is Keiko's veterinarian and a former vice president for Sea World where he worked from 1973-87. He has pioneered preventive care for cetaceans in captivity.

Jeff Foster

Jeff Foster is Keiko's trainer. In the mid-'80s, he worked for Sea World in their Icelandic operation.

Lauren Schuler-Donner and Jenny Lew Tugen

Lauren Schuler-Donner and Jenny Lew Tugen are the producers of Free Willy and joined in the effort to move Keiko from Mexico to Oregon and prepare him for life in the wild. The three Free Willy movies have earned more than $235 million in worldwide ticket sales.

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