Keiko is the killer whale who starred in the movie Free Willy. After 17 years  of captivity in marine parks, he's now the focus of a $15 million, worldwide  rehabilitation effort to prepare him to be released into the wild.

Keiko's Saga

A summary of his life - from capture and captivity, film stardom, and the current state of planning for his eventual release

What is an Orca?
Marine biologist Paul Spong descibes the life and habits of the orca.

What Should We Know Before We Free Willy?
This is a statement from the National Marine Fisheries Service

Jeff Foster
An Interview with Keiko's Trainer, Jeff Foster (An evaluation of Keiko's status, conducted in the summer of 1997)

The World Trade in Orcas Like Keiko
A short background piece by orca expert Eric Hoyt on how and where orcas like Keiko are captured, where they go, and the effect of capture on those animals left in the pod.

Audio Clips
Listen to the vocal dialect of Keiko
Listen to the vocal dialect of other orcas
Orcas are highly social animals, who communicate in dialects specific to their pod or clan. Read more about orca communication.

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