A compilation of lists, charts and life histories

'Killer Whales Kept Captive and What Happened to Them'

This chart lists when and where these 133 orcas were captured, which acquariums acquired them, and how long they survived in captivity. To the best estimate, as of November 1997, 102 of the 133 captured killer whales in marine parks and aquariums worldwide have died. One escaped. 30 are still alive, and a further 18 captive-bred are also alive.

'The Stories of Captive Killer Whales'
Here are summaries of their lives, including - Moby Doll who was captured in 1964 - Namu the bull killer whale who was the first to be exhibited - and Junior, the male Icelandic orca who languished in a small tank inside a warehouse for over four years without fresh air, light or normal companionship.

Historical Chronology
This chronology lists dolphin/whale captures; their public displays, pregnancy and birth estimates, and death estimates in captivity.

Chart of  Known Current Distribution of Captive Orcas
Chart of Known Current Distribution of Captive Orcas - (wild-caught or, captive-born)

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