Inside Sea World
A closer look at the environment and operations at Sea World - including details on two captive killer whale transactions

Sea World's Gudrun transaction

What kind of arrangements existed that would enable Sea World, USA to acquire a killer whale from Holland using three pseudorcas from an unrelated facility in Japan in trade? A closer look at how this was done and the unanswered questions.

Sea World's Tillikun transction
Critics say that an aspect of the Tilikum transaction involved Sea World attempting to foster a blanket policy by Iceland which would prohibit reintroducing captive killer whales into Icelandic waters, where they were captured.

Spectacular Nature - Corporate Culture and the Sea World Experience
Author Susan Davis spent several years researching Sea World, and her new book raises thought-provoking questions concerning environmentalism and education, corporate style. Here are excerpts.

'Avoid Buzzwords'
An excerpt from a Sea World Training Manual for tour guides which points out words and phrases which have 'negative connotations.'

Interview with Susan Davis
FRONTLINE's Interview with Susan Davis explores more about her study of nature as mass entertainment at theme parks such as Sea World.

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