Griffin pioneered methods of orca capture and caught at least 30 killer whales over his career and supplied them to the world's aquariums. In 1972,  he retired from the aquarium and whale capture business

An interview with Ted Griffin

This conversation with Griffin summons up what it was like to be a pioneer over 35 years ago in capturing and coming to understand the intelligence and friendliness of Orcinus orca, killer whales.

Griffin recounts the challenges and highlights of his career: from the pitfalls of inventing the first underwater equipment, to being the first to ride a killer whale (Namu) and his fascination with "that incredible, lovable beast" who became his friend. In this candid interview, Griffin also discusses his whale-capture business and personal feelings about captivity for cetaceans.

A Summary of Griffin's life.
Here is an overview of Griffin's story, with a look at the childhood roots of Griffin's unusual quest to befriend a killer whale.

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