man & marine mammals
Humans and orcas are curious about one another: they investigate each other, they sing to each other, and they copy each other's tunes.  One difference is that while both are among the top predators, orcas never kill men, but men still kill orcas.- Sir Peter Scott, Founder of the World Wildlife Fund and former president of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

man and marine mammals: a chronology

A brief history of man's relationship to marine mammals


The story of what a killer whale named Ramu taught Navy scientist John Hall. Hall later became senior scientist at Sea World.

the sonic creature

Scientist Paul Spong who began studying killer whales in the 1960s, says he was struck with "total awe" when he discovered the sound and mental capabilities of these cetacae. Here's a short piece about his work and that of others who first investigated orcas.

from the time of plutarch and aristotle

Why have dolphins and their relationship with humans been chronicled by the great poets and philosophers? And why have whales and dolphins been honored by cultures around the world? This speech by Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan explores this and other aspects of the "biological kinship" between man and cetaceans.

Communication and Language of Dolphins

Discoveries about dolphin intelligence may be leading to difficult questions concerning the barrier between man and animals.

Swimming with Dolphins:  A Code of Conduct

This guide for both swimmers and boaters was prepared by International Dolphin Watch.

Dolphins in Ancient Mythology

An examination of the tales and myths about dolphins and why from ancient times , this creature has been set above other animals

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