Dolphin Surveillance Technology (Realvideo)

In this video Buster, a Navy dolphin, holds a camera in his mouth and dives down to the site of a sunken object. Directed to pan right and left through an acoustic device on his head, Buster examines the object. Images are transmitted to a monitor on the boat for Navy personnel to evaluate. This technology, coupled with dolphins' ability to locate man-made objects which have fallen to the ocean floor, can be invaluable to the Navy when searching for expensive military equipment lost underwater.

The Story of the Navy Dolphins
a chronology of the Navy's use of dolphins and other marine mammals - from their role as guards during the Vietnam War, to the retirement of much of the dolphin force after the Cold War ended.

Interviews with Naomi Rose, of the Humane Society of the U.S. and Ric O'Barry, animal advocate, concerning the Navy's use of dolphins and the 'unauthorized' release of two of them in May 1996.

The Navy's Report on Reintroducing  Dolphins into the Wild
In 1992, Congress allocated $500,000 to the Navy to explore the possibility of returning to the wild dolphins deemed unnecessary to military programs. In October1993, the Navy issued this report which concluded that, because of the research and technological development required before the dolphins could be returned to the wild safely, a reintroduction program would not be cost effective.

Protocol for Readaptation & Release
Ric O'Barry explains the process and criteria for releasing captive dolphins--and why it can be done with most, but not all, of these mammals

What Should We Know Before We Free Willy?
At the end of this article, the National Marine Fisheries Service summarizes their view of the unauthorized release of Navy dolphins in late May1996.

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