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Ilya Kabakov

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C. Helene B, Germany, 1989
Peter Ang, Philippines, 1988
Victor Manuel Mendez, Puerto Rico, 1960
Diana, Mexico
Adrian Perez, Mexico, 1991
Aline Lambert, France, 1968
Miguel Manna, Venezuela, 1992
Hasan Murat Gultek, Turkey, 1995
Peter Cagas, Philippines, 1980
Patricia Maldonado, Guatemala, 1994
Steven Perez, Japan, 1906
Cheslan Simpson, Jamaica, 1990
Yevgeny Kotlyar, Ukraine, 1989
Ellen Moss, Germany, 1884
Peter Adler, Germany, 1940
John D., United Kingdom, 1984
Margaret Hilger, Germany, 1949
Randy Naughton, Guyana, 1990
Gurmukh Sarkaria, India, 1956
Yosef Workenh, Sudan, 1983
Anna Rosmus, Germany, 1994
Jose Castillo, Mexico, 1945
Shilpa, India, 1986
Calvin Niles, Guyana, 1992
Erik, Norway, 1990
Abraham Lambrechtse, Netherlands, 1953
Maria Valancia-Guatierrez, Colombia, 1965
Reza Karimi, Iran, 1969
Dawn Bijork, Jamaica, 2000
Norman, Native American
Esther, Ethiopia, 1977
Sanaz Banu, Iran, 1988
Betty, 1600-1800, 1988
Annie, Guyana, 1981
Charles, China, 1980

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