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Table of Contents

2001 Expedition

Harriman Retraced Participants
Elaine Abraham
Paul Alaback
Vera Alexander
Brad Barr
Lawrence Charters
William Cronon
Kristine Crossen
Aron Crowell
Kathryn Frost
Alison Hammer
Kim Heacox
David Koester
Tom Litwin
Vivian Mendenhall
Richard Nelson
Sheila Nickerson
Brenda Norcross
Robert Peck
David Policansky
Patricia Savage
Kay Sloan
Pam Wight
Kesler Woodward
Rosita Worl

2001 Expedition Itinerary

Community Profiles

Ketchikan/Cape Fox
Dutch Harbor/Unalaska
Little Diomede

1899 Expedition

Original Participants
Edward H. Harriman
The Boyhood of Edward Harriman

Prof. William H. Brewer
John Burroughs
Frederick V. Coville
William Healey Dall
Bernhard Fernow
G. K. Gilbert.
George Bird Grinnell
Charles Augustus Keeler
Trevor Kincaid
C. Hart Merriam
John Muir
Charles Palache
William E. Ritter
William Trelease
Edward Curtis.
Frederick S. Dellenbaugh
Louis Agassiz Fuertes
R. Swain Gifford

Brief Chronology

Science Aboard the Elder

Exploration and Settlement on the Alaskan Coast

Growth and Development Along Alaska's Coast

Sea Otters in Alaska
The Collection and Return of Native Objects
U.S. and British Newspapers Respond to the Sale of Alaska in 1867
The Rat Threat in Alaska
Alaskan Native Subsistence Today

Alaska Native Communities on Harriman's Route


Expedition Maps

Historic Maps

Perspective Maps

Southeast Region: Lowe Inlet
Southeast Region: Metlakatla
Southeast Region: Glacier Bay
Southeast Region: Sitka
South Central Region: Long Island
Alaskan Peninsula & Aleutians Region: Popof Island
Alaskan Peninsula & Aleutians Region: Bogoslof
Bering Sea Coast Region: St. Paul Island
Bering Sea Coast Region: Port Clarence

Southeastern Alaskan Fly Throughs

Western Alaskan Fly Throughs

Virtual Tour


Expedition Log

On-board Lectures

2001 Souvenir Album

Sketch Book

Alaska Geographic Alliance Photos

Heacox Photo Album

For Educators & Students

Young Explorers Team

Layton "L.J." Lockett
Clare Baldwin
Natashia Dallin
Jonas Parker
Debbie Chalmers
Douglas Penn
Allison Eberhard
Julia O'Malley
Allison Sayer
Devon Ducharme
Elizabeth Litwin
Megan J. Litwin

Student Projects

Tracking Whales in Alaska
Alaskan Oceans – Temperature and Salinity
Photojournalism – Alaska’s People and Places
The Roadless Policy – Forest Resource Management in Alaska

Lesson Plans

Matrix Overview

A Neighborhood Expedition 2nd – 5th
Assessing and Making Maps 4th – 7th
Learning About Location: Charting the Path of the George W. Elder 5th – 12th

How Has Transportation Changed Since the 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition? K
What Do We Learn from the Repatriation of Alaska Native Artifacts? Grade level 6th – 8th
Key Figures of the 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition Grade level 7th – 9th

Language Arts:
Glaciers on Main Street 5th – 12th
Can We Be Consumers and Conservationists? 9th – 12th

Harriman and Plant Identification 3rd – 6th
A Field Study of an Integral Species 7th – 12th

Extra Credit

Suggestions for Further Reading
Looking at Primary Sources


The Documentary Film

Producers and Crew

Program Preview

The Alaskan Perspective

On Location

Filming History

A Century of Change

An Alaskan Gazette

Alaska Tourism

Nature and Art in Alaska

Anchorage Museum Gallery

Poetry in Alaska


After the Expedition

Journals from the 2001 Expedition

Journal: Clare Baldwin
Journal: Jonas Parker
Journal: Doug Penn

Mammal List July 21 to August 5

Bird List July 21 to August 5

Mammal List August 5 to August 20

Bird List August 5 to August 20

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For information on the Harriman Retraced Expedition e-mail: harriman2001@science.smith.edu

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