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chris and cody

Their family stories, hopes and fears, and struggles to find meaning in their lives -- excerpted from their interviews over the years with filmmaker David Sutherland.

photo of cody

"I've Always Been Different" »
"It's not about what you look like, it's about what's in your heart. What music you listen to, whether you listen to hip hop or you listen to death metal or you listen to boy bands, it don't matter. "

My Family »
"Anytime a family member gets upset with me it kind of hurts me a little bit because whenever you lose your parents, it's really weird -- you start to think anybody could go, you know?"

My Faith »
"If my dad never woulda died, I don't know if I ever woulda found God."

Jessica »
"I try my hardest not to get close to people because, from my past, I've just been hurt too many times by people ... Something wouldn't let me do that with her."

Why I Want to be a Preacher »
"I just feel like I got some sort of responsibility to give people my message."

Writing Music »
"[Our band] gets judged a lot, and we talk about that a lot. And a lot of us have had a lot of past with drugs, and we talk about that. And we talk about God."

The Future »
"I'm just kinda takin' everything one day at a time right now, not really worryin' about what's happening in the future."

photo of chris

Me and My Father »
"I really enjoy the good days [with him]. The bad days are a little rough to comprehend. The good days, I wish there was a lot more of them."

My Mother »
"I used to be very close to my mother... But I guess when she left, I let go. I realized that if I would've tried to keep this close bond with my mother when she was gone, then when she was here it would hurt me more inside."

Thinking About the Future »
"I don't care if they're making me clean bed pans, doesn't matter to me. As long as I can actually know I'm helping people."

Mary »
"I'm not like these other people who just want sex. That's the last damn thing on my mind. I just want to share my feelings with somebody. I just don't want to be alone."

Rosanna »
"Everyone I've ever had passionate interest in, I've always had a foul up. I was afraid if I tried to tell her how I truly felt, she would be appalled or sickened by it and stop being my friend. So I never took the chance."

Kim »
"I guess the reason me and her get along is cause I guess we're a little alike. You know, we both had trouble in school. We both have some sorta problems at home."

I Want to Earn My Way »
"For most people working is like, I dunno, a vampire and a cross -- just don't happen."

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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