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Inside Look


Executive Producers, Fred Kaufman and Al Berman, along with host Juju Chang and science correspondent Thor Hanson share a bit of insight into the upcoming NATURE three-night live broadcast event, American Spring LIVE.


- American Spring Live is three nights of live television focusing on nature when spring appears.

(happy music) - It's so exciting.

We're showcasing Mother Nature as she puts on her show.

- From the summit of the High Sierras to the swamps of the Everglades.

From Maine to Texas and San Diego.

- It's going to feature things like pollination and migration and reproduction.

All these things that are concentrated in the spring months because this is the time of the year when our hemisphere is getting a maximum amount of solar energy.

- This is the first time we've taken a look at wildlife across the United States.

- [Juju] Bears come out of hibernation.

We're gonna watch sheep being born, we're gonna watch birds being tagged, we're gonna see insects coming out of the Florida Everglades.

There's a lot to be seen.

- What makes it really unique is not only we're conveying the science of spring, but we really wanna encourage viewers to become do-ers.

We wanna promote the idea of citizen science where you can go out and actually participate hands-on collection of data.

- [Thor] Watching pollinators in their backyard or they can participate by watching nest cameras that are focused on particular mother birds tending to their young and take real useful data at the same time.

It's helping to broadcast this collective curiosity.

- [Juju] An invitation to everyone to get engaged and enthusiastic about nature.

(upbeat music) - By streaming these shows live on Facebook and engaging the viewer through discussion, it's gonna be a live nature walk.

It's taking a nature walk with some of the greatest scientists that we have who understand what's going on.

And they will explain to you why you see things the way they are once you have these longer days and warmer temperatures.

(upbeat music)


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