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(sheep bleating) - She's getting ready to lay down and start pushing, she's cued the baby up into the birth canal.

She's just in process.

The best position for me, since she's fussing and trying to get up, is to put my foot underneath her lower shoulder.

But you can see she's starting to stress a little bit.

So I'm just gonna... (dog barks) Okay, here we go.

Now, here comes the head, that's a nice big baby.

That's right, push on me girl.

(woman grunts) That's right, I'm helping.

Okay, nice big baby.

Nice big baby.

Nice big baby.

Come on, there you go.

That's it, there you go first breath.

Lungs have been, (lamb coughs) there we go.

I'm gonna let her finish.

(dog barking) (sheep bleating) (woman sniffs) There you go sweet pie.

(sheep bleating) Here you go.

But that was a big head and kind of a tough go.

There we go, and that's probably a 12 or 13 pound lamb.

Closer to 13.

(sheep bleating) Yeah, that was just a tiny bit stressful.

I'm going to let them mother up before I interfere.

Seeing as they definitely have created a bond.

I will go in there an snip his umbilical chord to about an inch.

I will dip it with iodine, 7% tincture.

I will strip the teats if the need to be stripped, because they have a little wax plug in them to make sure that the milk is flowing.

And then, I will make sure that he gets a good sip.

Baby is really focused on just trying to move through kind of rough terrain.

(sheep bleating) Not super easy footing right there for someone that started walking five minutes ago.

(laughing) (sheep bleating) You can see he's a little shivery.

They're born with out brown fat, so they don't have any way of keeping themselves warm.

They have no way to generate heat until they get some of that colostrum in their belly.

It's extremely high in energy and as soon as they get that, they will basically have fuel in their tank (sheep bleating) to get their engines going.

And there he is.

Welcome baby, welcome spring!

(sheep bleating) Yay, right!

(laughing) (sheep bleating) (musical chord) (birds chirping) (chimes) (musical chords)


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