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American Spring LIVE – Behind the Scenes


Take a glimpse behind the camera at all the hard work going into our three-night live broadcast happening later this month.

American Spring LIVE is teaming up with filmmakers and scientists from across the country to showcase all of the magic this special season brings. While most of the show is going to be filmed live, our crew has been prepping and capturing a few pre-shot segments at our various locations. Let’s take a look behind the cameras at all the work that has been put into the show so far.

Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant, seen here holding a small bear cub, is a large carnivore ecologist who has been tracking a family of bear’s movement before and after hibernation. Her team is working to better understand the travel patterns of this bear family, and learn more about the health of their ecosystem. We’ll check in with her during the broadcast to see how the cubs are doing.

This screen capture is taken while a videographer for American Spring LIVE filmed a mother bird feed her newborn babies. We must admit that we love featuring baby animals in our documentaries and this project is no exception.

Another member of our camera crew gets in close to witness the miracle of life begin at Nanne Kennedy’s wool farm. Tune in on Monday, April 29 to see if we catch another birth live!

An instructor speaks with future Citizen Scientists during our shoot for Celebrate Urban Birds at the World Beat Center in San Diego. These kids had some incredible questions and observations!

Crew member Micheal Male planning the logistics of one of our live shoots.

For a show this big, we had to start working well before the start of spring. Some members of the team have watched the weather change in real-time out in the field. There have been some very busy days, but this wonderful crew has always kept things fun and exciting.

We know what you came for, and we wouldn’t dream of ending this post without this picture of these adorable lambs. These are just a few of the newborns we will be meeting this spring.

Make sure to watch on Monday, April 29th – Wednesday, May 1 at 8 PM on PBS and Facebook!


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