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WHO CARES: Chronic Illness in America
WHO CARES: Chronic Illness in America

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Frankie Campling
Oxford, UK

In December 1988 I was a successful career woman with a company making high tech scientific equipment. After emergency major surgery, things started going wrong. A year later, after another operation, I had to retire on medical grounds. I found myself in the limbo of chronic fatigue syndrome/ME (CFIDS for American readers). On the whole though I was lucky. Oxford where I live is a centre of medical excellence and I was referred to a psychiatrist Michael Sharpe who was doing research on treatment for CFS. We got on well and he taught me a lot about managing CFS. I think that we taught each other. I started doing telephone counselling for people with CFS, which gave him a new insight. 10 years later, even though he had moved away from Oxford, we wrote a book on CFS together. Previously I had published a patient information booklet (something between the leaflets available from the self help groups and the many books on ME) Now I find myself still disabled with CFS, but with a really good quality of life. I can sympathise whole heartedly with sufferers who have been treated really badly by doctors and be grateful that I have had a very different experience. My aim now is to help sufferers to manage themselves rather than waiting for someone to give them a cure. Life isn't too bad. Being an acknowledged author is fun - a change from my previous career and probably more satisfying.

Frankie Campling

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Jim Sykes

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