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WHO CARES: Chronic Illness in America
WHO CARES: Chronic Illness in America

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Irene Leeder
Wiarton, Ontario

I am a Canadian who is having a problem getting a doctor here to admit there is such a thing as Fibromyalgia. I've seen several doctors who just either don't recognise the disease at all or make it out to be something to be ashamed of - and there's nothing I can do about it anyway. I'm very frustrated. I also have arthritis, IBS severely, Sjogren's syndrome - ad nauseum. I have checked the "trigger points" myself and have most of them. I was sent from a massage therapist's office in Az. because she said I had Fibro and she couldn't stand the pain her particular massage put me in and thought it might be aggravating it. I also have food intolerances, which aren't diagnosed. But the main thing is that I am always in pain and always have problems sleeping and just don't have any energy to do things. I feel like the doctors think I'm a hypochondriac - I'm always seeing them about something. I'm 65 and there are days I feel 90 in my body, although mentally I feel younger than my years. I just wish that Fibromyalgia would be respected and those suffering from it would be respected, the same as someone with diabetes or cancer of some diagnosis that is definite. I can't even get referred to a rheumatologist to get an accurate diagnosis of even my arthritis - which I've been told I have osteo and rheumatoid. I had growing pains as a child, have had pain and spasms in my neck and shoulders since in school, diagnosed with tendonitis, fibrositis, bursitis, and basically told to take aspirin. Which with my history of duodenal uclers, I can't take. I am currently back on Celebrex which is helping ease some of the arthritis pain but it does nothing for the muscle pain. For that I add Tylenol and sometimes had to have codeine. I have to take sleeping pills more often than I'd like or I won't get more than 2 or 3 disjointed hours of sleep a night. Then I get brain fog and can't think/concentrate at all. But I think for myself, the very worst part of this is having it sloughed off as being something in my head and getting no help from doctors. It's a very isolating thing to have. A program needs to be done on TV. to bring to the attention of the doctors and the world about the horrendous number of people suffering from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and many other closely related chronic disorders. We are NOT feeling sorry for ourselves, we are fighting tooth and nail to try and find solutions so we can feel better and lead normal lives.

Thank you for listening.
Irene Leeder.

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