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WHO CARES: Chronic Illness in America
WHO CARES: Chronic Illness in America

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Laura Cerasuolo
Raymond, NH

I am a 24 year old living with Fibromyalgia and Myofacialsyndrome. I was diagnosed at 13. What a rough time!! It's not common for teenagers or preteens to have FM/MPS. That in itself was a battle. A battle for doctors and school officials to acknowledge that a perfectly healthy (in their eyes) girl can all of a sudden complain of pain and be tired all the time. My mother knew me and knew i would not be lying so it never occurred to her to take what these people would say to heart. Thank you mom! She fought for me to get the diagnoses i needed and helped support me in what i needed to do for my education. I had a tutor for a while and even that became too much to handle. I left school early and got my GED. This all contributed greatly to being isolated and I honestly thought for years that I had no future. I thought i would never be self-sufficient and would always be a burden on my mom. I thought i would never go back to school or work "normal" full time hours. I saw my peers doing so much to secure a future for themselves and all I could achieve for years is not being in pain or getting a healthy nights sleep. I am now working because all those horrible lonely years of trying to manage my pain have paid off. I am also investigating going to college. This is only possible because of the fight that many women and men have had to get proper care for FM/MPS and fighting to have it recognized as a debilitating illness. It is because of these people that I am now able to feel confident that I will find a doctor who will respect me and my pain. I see for the first time a future. A future that does not involve (revolve) my constant worry over who will care for me. I now know that I have a community of medical professionals and their patients that will help me. I also know I will help them too. For someone who has been dealing with chronic pain for over a decade it feels good to say you can contribute to someone else's life. That's all i ever wanted was the chance to be a productive "normal" human being with the energy to contribute and the ability to grow in knowledge. I can finally say I think I'm almost there. Not because the FM/MPS has gone away but because my community is finding ways to make the most of our lives. I feel proud to be apart of that community of fighters because everyday I'm reminded that I am not just this illness. I am human too with every right to dream and love and expect more from my life than what is handed to me.

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