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5 early Super Bowl ads, starring athletes, Amy Schumer and hot dogs

Every year, rabid sports fans and casual fans alike eagerly anticipate the commercials that accompany the Super Bowl, almost as much as the snacks. What could be on tap this year? Will any of the presidential candidates appear in an ad spot or two? Will GoDaddy continue to repulse the female population? (Apparently not this year.)

No need to wait for Sunday for all the ads, here are some of the early birds for Super Bowl 50:


Comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen list some things on which we can all agree.

”Hot dogs” race toward different flavors of Heinz Ketchup.


No soft cheese footballs, demands actor Alec Baldwin.


Welcome to Ryanville, population one — actor Ryan Reynolds.


Pro football players give their daughters “dad do’s.” Warning: Video contains intensely sentimental images.

We also got a preview of the halftime show with James Corden’s “carpool karaoke” featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay:

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