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5 Halloween costumes that prove 2015 is a weird year

Remember earlier this year the hype around “left shark,” the floppy dancer in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime act?

Halloween costume options have only gotten weirder. This year’s batch of cringe-worthy wear features drug lord fugitives and sexy Donald Trumps so you can say “yer fired” in hot pants. (Some might opt for the more cartoonish version of Trump, spotted in a Mexican costume shop, below.)

A mask of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is for sale in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on Oct. 14, 2015. Photo by Henry Romero/Reuters

A mask of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for sale in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Photo by Henry Romero/Reuters

There’s also “pizza rat” to provide inspiration:

"Cecil's Revenge" costume from PETA.

“Cecil’s Revenge” costume from PETA.

Meanwhile, the price of the Cecil-the-lion-killing-dentist costume rose “due to overwhelming demand.” For balance, PETA suggests “Cecil’s revenge.”

You might also like “clock boy,” complete with handcuffs, the costume website says.

We all like a good topical costume, but this Halloween do try to “keep it classy,” a la mini Anchorman:

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