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Do You Have an Honor Flight Group in Your State?

World War II veteran Marvin Murphy tells PBS NewsHour anchor Jeffrey Brown about what the “Honor Flight” trip meant to him.

“It was your duty, it was your country,” World War II veteran Marvin Murphy recently said about his mindset and that of others serving in the military at the time.

Murphy, 85, who lives in Apache Junction, Ariz., was one of 30 men taking part in the “Honor Flight” program, which brings veterans to the War World II and other memorials in Washington, D.C., for free.

Murphy explained to the PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown that after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, people wanted to join in the fight whether they were age 15 or 40. “You don’t let somebody just run all over you if you can stop it. And so we decided to stop it.”

Murphy poses with a student holding a sign thanking him for his service in this video snapshot.

Those who served didn’t expect special recognition afterward. “I don’t think, if they were like me, the country didn’t owe me anything. … They took care of us while were in there.”

But when the expressions of appreciation came during his trip this year, starting at the airport with rows of waving flags and handshakes with military personnel and non-military alike, “I was speechless,” Murphy said.

That part of the visit Murphy took with his daughter Trudy was what made it such a special event, he said. “Forever I’ll be grateful. It was something, really something.”

Watch the NewsHour’s report on the Honor Flight Network.

  • The non-profit Honor Flight Network has brought more than 98,500 World War II veterans to see memorials in Washington, D.C., since its inception in 2005. To find out if you have an Honor Flight group in your state, view this list on the organization’s website or find the one closest to you in this map.
  • You also can bring the “Honor Flight” documentary, which tracks some of the veterans’ visits to Washington, D.C., to your hometown through the website Tugg.com. View the trailer.

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