U.S. should hunt Islamic State leader, Clinton says

Watch Hillary Clinton’s full comments on Thursday.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Thursday the United States should make its priority combating the Islamic State group and catching its leader.

“Nobody directs or inspires attacks against the United States and gets away with it,” she said.

She was speaking to reporters on an airport tarmac in White Plains, New York, before boarding her campaign plane.

When asked about her comments at a town hall Wednesday night, when she said she wouldn’t put ground troops in Iraq “ever again,” Clinton said, “There is no path to ground troops that would be in our interest.”

On insinuations in the campaign that she is unfit to be president because she’s a woman, Clinton said, “I find it frustrating, but it’s just part of the landscape and we just keep forging ahead.” Donald Trump says outrageous comments on a regular basis, she added.

Another reporter asked her about Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson’s appearance on a morning news program where he didn’t understand a question about Aleppo, Syria, at first. “Well, you can look on the map and find Aleppo,” she said.


Later in the day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, speaking at a campaign event in Cleveland, criticized the policies under Clinton while she was secretary of state. “Her policies unleashed ISIS” and resulted in ransom payments to Iran, he said.

“She’s raced to invade, intervene and topple regimes,” said Trump. “She believes in globalism instead of nationalism.”

The rush to leave Iraq opened the door to the Islamic State group taking hold, he said, adding that if he had been in the Senate leading up to the Iraq war, he would have cast a “no” vote.