Video Roundup: Earthquake Aftermath in Chile

Following the massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, rescuers were burrowing through wrecked buildings to find survivors on Monday. Much of the damage was along the southern coastline, where the quake and subsequent tsunamis dealt a double blow.

The New York Times has posted selections of video illustrating the turmoil and aftermath, including video posted by the Chilean newspaper La Tercera that shows the decimated coastal town of Pelluhue.

The National Emergency Office set the latest dead toll at 723 with 19 others missing, reported the Associated Press. The AP posted this raw video from Santiago, which captures the moment the earthquake hit:

ITN News posted video, including aerial perspectives, of the damage. “We don’t have water, we don’t have anything to eat,” said a Chilean of the looting that is sweeping the cities:

Here, outgoing President Michelle Bachelet describes how people are transferring patients from damaged hospitals to other health centers:

And President-elect Sebastian Pinera said at a press conference that his new administration was already working toward helping those suffering from the earthquake. “We are preparing ourselves for an additional task, one that we hadn’t planned to deal with during our new administration. We have to take charge of the reconstruction of our country,” he said in video posted by ITN News:

And Al Jazeera English posted this video of Marcelo Meza Gator, a teacher in Santiago, who describes the difference between Saturday’s earthquake and past tremors in Chile, and how he and his neighbors responded to the latest one:

And finally, for some background and perspective on the science of earthquake prediction, watch this report from KQED’s Quest science program on how Northern California researchers have worked to identify the slow-moving clues that may foreshadow violent quakes:

QUEST on KQED Public Media.