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Global Change Comes From Crises, Author Mark Malloch-Brown Says

As protesters in North Africa and the Middle East vent their anger with their governments, the world is again transfixed and transformed.

The birth of global marketplaces and communication binds people together, but can also leave some behind, former U.N. Deputy Secretary General and author of “The Unfinished Global Revolution: The Pursuit of a New International Politics” Mark Malloch-Brown told Margaret Warner in a conversation Tuesday. And that, he said, contributed to the revolts sweeping the Arab world. “For countries that got left behind, like in the Arab world, it’s another spur to change.”

More broadly, he said, nations’ domestic problems like poverty, joblessness and health and environmental crises have international roots. National governments affected by these global forces must look internationally for solutions and have a global sense of accountability, he argued. But he conceded that the world rarely acts in concert unless there’s a crisis.

Watch his full online-only interview with Margaret Warner:

Video edited by Justin Scuiletti

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