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Ex-Egyptian President Mubarak Unresponsive After Stroke

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in a courtroom in Cairo. Photo by AFP/Getty Images
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in a courtroom in Cairo. Photo by AFP/Getty Images.

Updated July 16 at 1:26 p.m. ET: The prosecutor general’s office ordered former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak back to prison on Monday after about a month in a military hospital, a sign that his condition has improved, the Associated Press reported.

Original Story:

A physically weakened Hosni Mubarak, who stepped down as Egypt’s president in February 2011 after massive anti-government protests shook the country, suffered a stroke and his heart reportedly stopped beating Tuesday, officials said.

Earlier this month, he was sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop a deadly crackdown on protesters in Tahrir Square. The 84-year-old was moved to a military hospital on Tuesday because of his deteriorating condition, the Associated Press reported.

Mubarak’s lawyers earlier said he suffered from cancer, and he reportedly had slipped in and out of consciousness several times while being held in jail. He listened to the court proceedings while lying in a hospital bed behind bars in the courtroom.

Gwen Ifill spoke to McClatchy Newspapers’ Nancy Youssef on June 4 about Egypt’s volatile reaction to Mubarak’s sentencing and the not-guilty verdicts of his associates:

Egypt is in the midst of selecting a new president to complete the transition from a military caretaker government.

Judy Woodruff spoke again to Youssef on Monday about the weekend’s presidential vote:

The NewsHour visited Egypt twice during its revolution: in February 2011 around the time Mubarak resigned and in September to report on the country’s progress. Track all of our Arab Spring coverage.

From our vault: The NewsHour interviewed Mubarak in 1993, when he spoke about Egypt’s democracy taking time and several economic reforms under way in the country. Watch excerpts of both interviews here.

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