In Photos: Indonesia’s Dual Disasters

Photos from AFP/Getty Images

In less than 24 hours, a tsunami crashed into a remote island chain and a volcano erupted in Indonesia, killing a combined total of more than 400 people and forcing hundreds more to seek temporary refuge in emergency shelters.

An undersea earthquake triggered a 10-foot wave that submerged parts of the western island chain of Mentawai on Monday, ripping apart homes and causing boats to smash into each other. Authorities placed the death toll at 370 with 338 people still missing.

Cargo planes with emergency supplies began arriving in the affected areas on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, thousands living on the slopes of Mount Merapi near Yogyakarta on the island of Java were ordered to evacuate as the volcano began emitting clouds of ash. On Tuesday, the 9,700-foot volcano erupted, killing an estimated 30 people including the volcano’s spiritual gatekeeper Mbah, or grandfather, Marijan.

Marijan, 83, who refused to leave his ceremonial post, was reportedly found in his home in a praying position. On Thursday, he was laid to rest on the same mountain he guarded.

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