GlobalPost Reporter James Foley Detained in Libya

Our partners at GlobalPost have announced that Libyan forces backing Moammar Gadhafi detained one of their correspondents, James Foley, along with three other journalists while they were reporting near the city of Brega.

Updated 9:55 a.m. ET on April 8:

The Libyan government has confirmed that the military is holding Foley and the three other foreign journalists, and that they will be taken to Tripoli and released within the next few days. Mousa Obrahim, a spokesman for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, made the announcement at a press conference Thursday night.

GlobalPost provides more information here.

Original story continued:

According to eyewitnesses, Foley was traveling in a van with the other journalists on Tuesday when Gadhafi forces took them and released the driver. The other journalists believed to be with Foley are Claire Morgana Gillis, an American freelance journalist; Manu Brabo, a Spanish photographer; and Anton Hammerl, a South African photographer.

GlobalPost is working on their release with organizations including the U.S. State Department, Human Rights Watch, and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Philip Balboni, GlobalPost CEO and president, said in a statement: “Requests have been made to the Libyan foreign media office for the release of James Foley and the other journalists detained by government forces. We appeal to the Libyan authorities for the immediate and safe release of these journalists. Our thoughts are with Jim’s family and with the families of the other journalists.”

Hari Sreenivasan spoke to Foley about his reporting in Benghazi on March 18:

Watch one of Foley’s latest video dispatches about the Libyan rebels:

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