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Tuesday on the NewsHour: Italian Prime Minister on the Financial Crisis

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti arrives at the EU summit in Brussels on Jan. 30. Photo by Jean-Christophe Verhaegen/AFP/Getty Images.

As European countries continue to struggle with how to resolve the region’s financial crisis, one of the key voices in that effort is set to make an appearance on Tuesday’s NewsHour. Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti plans to sit down with Margaret Warner in a rare interview with U.S. media.

Monti took over as prime minister in November after Silvio Berlusconi resigned in the shadow of personal scandals and Italy’s debt crisis. With his economic and academic background, Monti was considered above the political fray and a departure from the colorful and controversial Berlusconi.

Monti’s government has passed a 33 billion euro ($43.5 billion) package of spending cuts and tax increases. But he leads an unelected government mainly composed of technocrats and is getting pushback from trade unions and professional guilds such as lawyers against changing Italy’s labor-market rules.

Warner and a NewsHour team are in Europe this month, covering high-level talks at the EU summit in Brussels (watch their video below) and preparing reports from German and Italian cities on the differing attitudes to austerity and debt.

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