‘Mic drop’ and ‘awesomesauce’: Oxford Dictionaries adds 1,000 new slang terms

Oxford Dictionaries added 1,000 new words to its informal language collection on Thursday, including slang expressions “mic drop,” “cakeage” and “cat café.”

“Mic drop” literally can be dropping a microphone at the end of a performance or speech to mark its excellence, or figuratively when the speaker feels he made an impressive point.

“Cakeage” is the fee a restaurant charges for serving a cake the customer has brought.

And “cat café” is, of course, a cat café.

Oxford Dictionaries is not the same as the traditional Oxford English Dictionary, however, both are published by Oxford University Press.

Other words Oxford Dictionaries added this year include “brain fart,” a temporary mental lapse, “bitch face,” a scowling facial expression, and “fur baby,” someone’s beloved pet. OK, that’s pretty “adorkable.”

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