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Snapshot of Species in Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park

Photos of Yasuni National Park by Getty Images

Yasuni National Park in western Ecuador hosts a vast variety of critters from carnivorous caterpillars to pygmy monkeys as small as your hand. The Ecuadoran government is hoping the park’s unique quilt of animal and plant species, not to mention two tribes who call it home and wish to remain uncontacted, will convince other nations’ governments to pony up $3.6 billion to preserve the site rather than drill there.

Map of Yasuni National Park by Calvin Solomon

The PBS NewsHour teamed up with the Miami Herald to report on Ecuador’s efforts to preserve the rainforest in Yasuni. You can view the Herald’s article here. We’ll have a broadcast report on the controversy surrounding the preservation efforts in the coming weeks.

Take a look at Yasuni National Park by the numbers.

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