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‘Indignez-Vous!’: Stephane Hessel’s Guide to Outrage

Diplomat and author Stephane Hessel, who is also a concentration camp survivor and former French resistance fighter, wants people to get mad and fight against what’s wrong in the world, as he writes in his booklet, “Indignez-Vous!” or “Time for Outrage.”

Hessel, 94, sat down with Ray Suarez in an interview that will soon air on the NewsHour.

In this Web-exclusive portion of their discussion, Hessel contends that too many people are indifferent these days and think they can’t do anything. “I say that is exactly the wrong approach. If you take that approach you do not remain a solid human being as you might a citizen of the world with some sense of responsibility for what has to be done,” he said.

Today’s threats, such as greed, are not as easily recognizable as those of old, including Nazism, but just as dangerous, said Hessel, so young people should find a motivation for mobilization and work toward a world of ethics.

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