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Tony Blair on Trump: ‘Let’s wait and see’ what happens

When it comes to U.S. foreign policy under President-elect Donald Trump, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is taking a wait-and-see approach.

He told PBS NewsHour co-anchor Judy Woodruff on Monday that he wouldn’t comment on Trump’s recent friendly phone calls to Pakistan and Taiwan’s leaders, which raised some eyebrows.

“In this period of time, I would virtually discount everything. Let’s wait and see what actually happens,” Blair said.

When Woodruff referenced Trump’s comments during the campaign downplaying NATO’s importance, Blair did say, “NATO’s got a vital role to play.”

“Stirring’s OK,” he said about Trump’s comments and tweets. “It just depends on what happens in the end.”

Blair was interviewed by Woodruff about his efforts to rally the middle ground on global policy to counter political extremes.

“There’s a huge wave of anti-establishment feeling. There’s an enormous amount of anger. It’s collapsing governments and political movements across the world right now,” said the former prime minister.

“I happen to believe the best policy solutions lie in the center ground” and in connecting people through education and building a structure of support, he said. They can work together to address the concerns of those who feel left behind by globalization and of fragmented communities, in a way that “provides answers and not just anger.”

Blair cited immigration concerns that people had leading to the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union — a process known as “Brexit.”

“This is a huge decision that we have taken that will isolate us as a country at the very point in time when the world is moving closer together,” he said. “I still hope we will ultimately change our mind about that … as people see what it really means.”

You can watch Judy Woodruff’s full interview with Tony Blair above.

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