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Quiz: 5 things to know about Europe’s migrant crisis

Europe is grappling with the challenge of absorbing tens of thousands of migrants and refugees crossing its borders from the Middle East and Africa. The European Union has called an emergency meeting on Monday to address the crisis. Take our five-minute quiz — a new feature on our World page — to learn more about the tidal wave of migrants entering Europe.

Syrians escaping an uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad make up the largest refugee population. The fighting between government and rebel forces, which began in March 2011, has killed an estimated 250,000, forced about 4 million to leave the country, and left another 6 million homeless inside Syria.

A proposal for European Union nations to take in about 160,000 additional asylum-seekers (not just Syrians) and distribute them — through a quota system — among the 28 EU member nations gained traction this week.

The influx of newcomers is worrying to some, including people in Hungary who are concerned about its impact on their national identity. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama directed his administration to up its refugee intake this year.

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